Use cases

The following samples to redirects pages has been created from YITH Plugins GeoIP settings pages on admin side.

Important: To apply rules, choose the country on selector widget to define the country oringin.

1. Redirects specific post (Hello world!) to external web page from Italy country.

Hello world!

2. Redirects specific page (Sample page) to specific post (Hello world!) from France country.

Sample page

3. Redirects green-car.jpg image to blue-car.jpg image from United Kingdom country.

Car product

Shop page

4. First time redirect specific page (Sample page) to external web page from United States country.

Sample page

5. Redirects all posts to specific page (Sample page) from United Kingdom country.

Sample post

Hello World!

6. Redirects specific product category (Car) to specific post (Hello World!) from all countries (France country excluded).

Category car

Note: On this case, Italy will be redirected to external page and the United Kingdom will be redirected to Sample page. They have rules as you see in 1 and 6 cases.