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This plugin offers customers the chance to filter the products in his shop page. It offers several filters that you can try out, even combining them together, in this page. Once a customer selects a specific filter, the remaining widgets are updated and will only display the results related to the currently active filter/s. The reason behind this is to restrict the search only to relevant items, directing users towards a likely purchase. The possible plugin configurations (which you will find on the side) details

  • Sort By: Offers the chance to arrange products according to the parameters offered by WooCommerce. In this case: sorting, popularity, rating, new, price
  • Categories and Tags: Sets up a filter based on a category or tags linked to a product.
  • Attributes: A filter applied to product attributes. This particular filter is already available in the 5 variations listed underneath:
    • Color: Shows a widget with colors, you can choose between the round version or the square version.
    • Bicolor: Double color version of the previous one. It's useful in case of clothes, bikes, motorcycles and all of the products that don't come in a single color.
    • List: Shows attributes as a sortable list
    • Label: Allows the creation of labels based on the products attributes. A typical use for this would be the size system for a clothing store.
    • Dropdown: Displays attributes in a dropdown menu.
  • Stock/On Sale: Only displays promoted options or that are available. Users may not be interested in placing an order for an unavailable product and wait until it's available.
  • Price Filter: A filter based on adjustable price ranges. Ranges are completely customizable and it's possible to add a price range in one single click.
  • Brands (not in this live demo): Thanks to the integration with our Brands Add-On plugin, it will be possible to filter product brands as well. For further information click here.

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