YITH WooCommerce Customer History is a plugin that shows up in the backend of your website, then you have to launch the Admin Demo to access its pages and see how it works.

The plugin registers all the actions made by the users on your site, such as the visits to the pages, searches, products added to cart and purchases. Regardless of the fact that the users are logged or not, the plugin will register all their actions on your site.

Customers & Users

The general screen of the plugin allows to have an overview of all the users registered to the shop.


All the actions made on the site by logged users are saved in Customer History -> Live Sessions.


All the search keys typed by the users, logged or not, within the search forms available on your site are registered in “Customer History -> Searches”.


You can trace the number of visits each site page recorded back in “Customer History -> Statistics”.

Single user details

Click on the “View” button in order to have access to the information details related to the selected user.


The plugin allows to send one or more emails to a specific user manually.

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