YITH Mug Classic

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Whether you want to drink a cup of tea, a cup of milk (hot or cold, it’s always so good!), or a cappuccino, this mug is always good! Not just because it’s a mug (there are so many out there) but because it’s YITH! Everything will taste better than usual!

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Cylindrical, made of resistant ceramics. 10x7x7cm.

2 reviews for YITH Mug Classic

  1. emanuela

    It’s perfect for my relax time! When I want to take it easy, I pick a book, a warm blanket and I sip my tea from this beautiful mug. I wish I could have more of those moments… Anyways, congratulations on the color!

  2. ausilia

    My children love these mugs so much that they would drink almost everything from there, even the worst medicines!

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