Click in “LAUNCH ADMIN DEMO”  to try the features of the YITH Cost of Goods plugin. We have made the configuration of some products so you can try the demo more easily.


In the “Settings” tab you can configure the different components of the plugin.

Sales Report

In the “Reports” tab you can see the report of the sales and you can choose beetween “Sales by date”, “Sales by product” and “Sales by category” and filter all by the date.

Sales by date:

Sales by product:

Sales by category:

Stock Report

In the “Stock Reports” tab we can see the report of the products in stock,  what help us to know the potential profit of our commerce. In this report we have 3 views, “All stock”, “Stock by product” and “Stock by category”.

All stock:

Stock by product:

Stock by category:

Filter by tag.

We can filter the products by his tag. For it, first we have to activate the option “Add a Tag column to Report” and then, in the reports we can click on the tag that we want and filter the products by this tag.

Report table with the “Tags” column:

Report filtered by a tag:

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