The plugin is entirely visible on backend side, so all options are available in admin side.

Click on LAUNCH ADMIN DEMO button on top right of the screen to browse and test this plugin admin panel.

This is the General Settings tab, in this section it is possible to save the option to set the Payouts service with your credentials.

In this section , it is possible to add your receivers and set the PayPal email and the commission. Each receiver must be registered on your site.

This configuration is valid for the whole site, so the receiver will take a commission for each order!

The commission will be paid automatically when the order acquires the status “Completed”.

In this section, you can find all the Payouts information, ID , the payout status and the related order.

Click on “eye” button to show the details of each transaction that is included in the single payout.

In the Notification tab, you can set subject and content of notification. This email is send automatically by Paypal each time that a payouts is paid.

In this last section, you can manage the GDPR settings, to allow you to delete or export users’ data.


Integration with YITH Multi Vendor

PayPal Payouts is integrated with YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor Premium!

Indeed, you can pay commissions to vendors with PayOuts!

In YITH Multi Vendor Settings, it is possible to select the PayOuts Service  as the default gateway.

In the commissions page (YITH Multi Vendor plugin ), you can find the option to pay with Payouts.

After clicking on “PayPal Payouts”, the Payout is registered and is displayed in the list ( see Payout list section ).

Integration with YITH Affiliates

PayPal Payouts is integrated with YITH WooCommerce Affiliates Premium!

Indeed, you can pay the affiliates’ commissions with PayOuts!

In the “Payments” page ( in YITH Affiliates plugin ),  you can find the option to pay the affiliate commission with PayOuts.

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