What you can do with this plugin?
Just few examples..

  • You can create a discount rule and apply it only to a specific product category; (10% on category CLOTHES)
  • You can offer each discount or promotion only to specific users or user roles;
  • You can create a 3×2 discount, so customers can buy 3 items and pay only for 2;
  • You can create a BOGO discount, so customers can buy 1 item and get another for free;
  • You can offer a product for free or with a discount to customers that buy specific products (A free pack of sponges to users that purchase 3 bottles of soap!)
  • You can create discount rules when users buy specific products or a specific quantity of items (buy 10 shirt to get a 20% OFF on accessories)
  • You can offer free products as gift and show them in a modal window when user buy specific items or a specific quantity of items (buy 10 products, get a free gift)
  • You can offer a cart discount when user spend a minimum amount or buy a specific quantity of items; (Spend at least $1000 get 15% discount on your order)
  • You can offer discounts and special offers only for specific users roles or specific customers (or exclude customers or users roles from a discount);
  • You can schedule each discount rule: set up a special discount or offer for next Christmas, next Black Friday and so on.
  • You can offer items with a discount to users that buy specific items; (With each computer get wireless keyboard with 50% discount)
  • Integration with Membership plugin: Members of a plan get a 20% discount on all products and free shipping;
  • And almost any other pricing, discount or fee scenario that you can imagine!
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