Product with specific uploads


Once the product is added to the cart, this product will allow your customer to upload a front picture and a rear picture as it is set with ad-hoc file upload rules.



Set specific upload rules to a product

Generally setting some global upload rules could be enough for general purpose shops, but you could need to customize the upload rules for your products one by one by setting the number of files allowed or the file type or the file size.
You can set the ‘upload rules’ for a specific product from the edit product page, look at the following picture:

This upload rule allow the customer to attach 2 jpg or png files, labeled as Front picture and Back picture, to the product, accepting only files with a max size of 1MB

Try adding this product to the cart in order to see that, only for this product, your customer can upload two files, labeled as ‘Front picture’ and ‘Back picture’.